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Your Second Amendment rights are not at risk in a self-defense shooting.  What is at risk is your freedom through a criminal trial and financial future through a civil.  This is why CCW Safe does not hide behind that message.  Our priority is the defense of our members and we are proven.  CCW Safe is the ONLY legal defense membership service that has actually been put to the ultimate test, funding a member's capital murder defense and providing the resources that literally helped to secure a "treat our members like family.  We stay by your side through what could be considered "The second fight for your life" all the way to the end of the very last court appearance.  These are just a few reasons tens of thousands of members place their trust in CCW Safe.


No Limit

  • civil defense
  • up-front criminal defense
  • immediate attorney retainer
  • (appeals/mistrials covered at no fee)
  • starting at $299

Non-Permit Plans

Plan starting at $299

the best protection for those exercising their constitutional right

Plan starting at $299

premium, in-home coverage for you and your family

Why Should I Get Coverage With CCW Safe?

CCW Safe is the leader in the industry for many reasons yet we will discuss four major areas that sets us apart from the competitors.

CCW Safe’s Experience in Financial Commitment:Understanding how to effectively prepare for, and execute the financial commitment for long-term catastrophic cases is an experience that is vital in providing a defense such as the defense of Stephen Maddox. Unlike the competitors, CCW Safe is not a “wasting policy” and your civil defense costs do not diminish your civil liability protection.

CCW Safe's Experience in Legal Matters: No self-defense incident is a Second Amendment issue. What is desperately needed if you are involved in a self-defense shooting and are being charged with a crime, like Stephen was, is an experienced attorney in self-defense cases. When it comes to your freedom, experience is of the utmost importance. Our National Trial Counsel Don West brings that experience, and the ability to find qualified attorneys to represent our members.

CCW Safe's Experience in Evidentiary Matters: Being able to understand the evidence, how it is collected, how it is tested, and how it will be presented, is an important fact that the CCW Safe Critical Response Team and National Trial Counsel understands. Because of our experience in investigations of shootings, of evidence in such cases, and of the role of evidence in a trial, that gives our members a better defense.

CCW Safe's Experience in Response: Having someone experienced in what you are, and will be going through, is very important. In fact, it is priceless. Being certified in peer support, or critical stress response is one thing, but there's no comparison to actually having a face to face with someone who has experience in using deadly force in a self-defense setting. CCW Safe's critical response team actually responds to the location of our members. They have all have been personally involved in law enforcement shootings where they were defending themselves. Some have even been sued in reference to those incidents.

When it comes to self-defense coverage there is no better choice than CCW Safe!


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