NOTE: The states of New Jersey (NJ) and Washington (WA) do not allow coverage for self-defense incidents. Residents from these states cannot purchase this plan. Active and retired law enforcement officers in the state of New York (NY), however, are eligible for the plan.

The CCW Safe HR218 plan was developed specifically for active, retired and former law enforcement officers who meet the requirements for the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA), also known as HR218. (See the full list of requirements below.) Membership in this plan includes our challenge coin and membership card.

Covered under the HR218 plan is unlimited criminal, civil or administrative legal action stemming from a self-defense incident. (Important: This relates to OFF-DUTY incidents only.) This plan is non-transferrable. Security or other secondary jobs are not protected under this plan. Eligibility under LEOSA is contingent upon submission of proof of retirement or appropriate former agency identification to support@ccwsafe.com.

The Primary member will be protected under the HR218 plan for any legal use of force responses to life-threatening attacks at home, inside their vehicle, at any place where it is legal to carry a concealed weapon in public (including locations applicable under HR218 or where permits are honored), or on premises where firearm possession is not illegal (all legal weapons covered).

The CCW Safe HR218 plan ensures coverage of all legal fees upfront with no limits or caps; bond coverage up to $1 million; and additional, dedicated $1 million civil liability coverage for the Primary member only.

A spouse and all children under the age of 18 years, living in the residence of the primary member and not legally prohibited from possessing a firearm, are protected under the plan at no additional cost for incidents occurring within the residence only, in all states except NJ, NY, and WA. Family members are covered to a $250,000 bond level.

Add-ons are available for purchase with the CCW Safe HR218 plan after eligibility and membership are confirmed. Additional protection offered includes adding a spouse possessing a permit to be covered outside the home, increasing bond coverage for a spouse, and provision of civil liability coverage for a spouse, except in NJ, NY, and WA.

No additional discounts can be applied to this specially priced plan, and purchase of the CCW Safe HR218 plan is permitted on an annual basis only. Before applying for membership, individuals should be prepared to submit proof of being an active or retired law enforcement officer to support@ccwsafe.com, familiarize themselves thoroughly with their state's regulations governing concealed carrying permits, and review the CCW Safe HR218 plan restrictions detailed below.


    • Coverage for Criminal, Civil and Administrative actions
    • Access to our 24-hour Emergency Hotline
    • Critical Response Team onsite response
    • $1 million bail bond coverage
    • Vetting of attorneys by National Trial Counsel
    • No cap on attorney retainer/fees
    • No cap on investigator fees/expenses
    • No cap on expert witness fees/expenses
    • All trial fees covered upfront
    • Firearm replacement during trial
    • Spouse & children under 18 covered (in-home only), except in NJ, NY, & WA
    • Up to $250/day loss-of-wages during criminal or civil trial proceedings
    • Licensed counseling coverage up to 10 sessions (or $1,500)
    • Crime scene clean-up in home up to $3K
    • Appeals and expungements coverage of costs
    • Dedicated $1 million civil liability coverage

Other Membership Benefits Include:

- Immediate provision of a digital membership card (Plastic card and challenge coin mailed to members within 2-4 weeks).

- Access to 24-hour Emergency Hotline: Emergency calls are answered by a live agent 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Calls are immediately connected to an attorney, ensuring that all members have access to instantaneous legal support.

- Access to Online Content and Instructional/Educational Videos: Members are provided access to current weekly content directly applicable to concealed carry. We do not spam, but send out free e-newsletters. Newsletters are only sent upon member opt-in.

The Buyer acknowledges that they are not a prohibited person and meet the criteria detailed below to carry under HR218. Misrepresentation on the part of a person prohibited from carrying a concealed weapon or violating any state or federal law barring their possession of a firearm, will result in their membership being forfeited with no refund of prior payments to CCW Safe. If they are subsequently found ineligible for HR218, the subscription will be changed to the appropriate non-discounted plan and the price difference charged accordingly.

Coverage outside the home and civil liability protection for your spouse are not included and may be added during checkout if desired. Additional bond coverage for a spouse can also be added at this time.

Requirements for HR218:

Active and retired law enforcement officers qualify for HR218. According to the wording of HR218, the Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act, signed into law by President George W. Bush on July 22, 2004, "qualified retired law enforcement officer" is defined as an individual who:
  • Has separated from service in good standing with a government agency as a law enforcement officer for an aggregate of ten (10) years or more or separated from such an agency due to a service-connected disability after completing any applicable probationary period of such service.
  • Was authorized by law to engage in or supervise the prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution or the incarceration of any person for any violation of law.
  • Had statutory powers of arrest or apprehension under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
  • Is not under the influence of alcohol or another intoxicating or hallucinatory drug or substance; and is not prohibited by Federal law from possessing a firearm.

In addition to carrying the photographic identification issued by the agency for which they were employed or were separated, the qualified retired law enforcement officer must also carry documentation which certifies that they have met, within the most recent twelve-month period, the active duty law enforcement standards for qualification for a firearm of the same type as the one they intend to carry.


*Force used against another family member

*Force used against guests who are in a member's house with permission or by invitation

*Any force that is not in self-defense

*On-duty or security-related assignments/jobs

*Accidental shooting incidents

*Children 18 years or older

*Use of force following an intentional criminal act (e.g. felonies such as robbery, burglary, assault, etc.)

*Restrictions listed in Terms of Service


CCW Safe is a legal service plan and not an insurance company. We accept the burden of expenses related to defending a member in cases of firearm self-defense or critical use of force incidents. CCW Safe works to safeguard the Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights of members by providing associated financial support; experienced, highly vetted counsel on legal, investigative and evidentiary issues; invaluable peer support; and the reassurance of timely action by our dedicated Crisis Response Team, who respond to the location of our members for immediate assistance on the occasion of what is frequently the most stressful event in their entire life.

CCW Safe is free from conflicts and issues related to insurance company products because we are designed to indemnify the expenses arising from the incident and not the outcome of a trial. Our plans are not reimbursement packages, and regardless of how any legal action is resolved, there is no money owed back by the member to CCW Safe.

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