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No Cap on up front Criminal or Civil Defense funds. No cap on lawyers retainer or fees from the time of the incident (to include law enforcement interviews, pre-trial preparations and Grand Jury). Civil Damage liability coverage up to 1 million dollars can be added per member at additional cost.

All Covered Members (living at Residence Premises) will be covered up to 250k bond (add additional bond coverage for cost up to 1 million) for all legal use of force responses to life threatening attacks within the Residence Premises for all legal weapons and physical force (children 18 and older not covered under Primary plan).

Critical Response Team responds to your location for deadly force incident (National Trial Counsel, Peer Support who has been involved in shooting incidents and Critical Response Coordinator who is former homicide detective and has been a State’s Attorney Investigator.

24/7/365 Coverage by Emergency call center that patches you into an attorney to notify an emergency self-defense incident. No cap on investigators or Expert witness fees and expenses.

Appeals and Mistrials covered at No cost. Firearm Replacement during the time of the trial Covered.

The plan also includes separate funds for Up to $250 a day work loss while in criminal or civil trial, up to 10 sessions for a licensed counselor, up to $3k for crime scene clean-up home ONLY.

Primary Member (Spouse can be added) to be covered, without a permit, outside the home (concealed and open as per state law) any place you can legally possess a firearm, during vehicle travel within state and on any property in which the covered member is not trespassing on private property. Coverage designated for “Constitutional Carry States” only.

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