NOTE: At CCW, we pride ourselves on offering protective coverage for members in 47 states. The states of New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and Washington (WA) do not allow coverage for self-defense incidents. However, law enforcement officials in NY are eligible for coverage under this plan.

The CCW Safe Protector Plan is available to active or retired military or law enforcement officers. Honorably discharged military veterans that did not retire are eligible for the Protector Plan by using the code USAVETS at check out.  

The Protector Plan covers any criminal, civil or administrative legal action stemming from a self-defense incident occurring while OFF-DUTY. This plan is non-transferrable. The Primary member must either carry pursuant to HR218 for Law Enforcement members, or have a Concealed Carry permit. Military personnel must carry under a Concealed Carry permit. Furthermore, all permits must remain valid during the coverage period.

Membership applicants are required to submit proof of active duty or retired status. The Primary member will be covered up to the level of a $500K bond for any legal use of force responses to life-threatening attacks at their residence, in their vehicle, any location where it is legal to carry a concealed weapon in public, or on premises where possession of a firearm is not illegal (all legal weapons covered).

A spouse and all other family members under the age of 18 who reside at the home of the Primary member, and who are not legally prohibited from possessing a firearm, will be covered at no additional cost pursuant to incidents occurring inside the residence ONLY. Coverage is provided to these individuals up to a $250K bond level.

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Benefits of the CCW Safe Protector Plan Include:

  • Access to our 24-hour Emergency Hotline
  • Critical Response Team onsite response
  • Bail coverage to $500K
  • Vetting of attorneys by National Trial Counsel
  • No cap on attorney fees covered upfront
  • No cap on investigation fees covered upfront
  • No cap on expert witnesses fees covered upfront
  • All trial fees covered upfront
  • Firearm replacement during trial
  • Coverage for spouse and children under 18 (in-home only)
  • Up to $250/day loss-of-wages during criminal or civil trial
  • Licensed counseling coverage up to 10 sessions (or $1500)
  • Crime scene cleanup in-home up to $3K (only if needed)
  • Appeals and expungements coverage of costs

Add-ons available with the CCW Safe Protector Plan include spouse coverage for an additional $100; up to $1 million bail coverage for an additional $50; and dedicated civil liability coverage up to $1 million for an additional $220.  *($1 million Bond and $1 million Civil Liability are both per member plans).

Other Membership Benefits Include:

    - Digital Membership Cards: Although members receive no plastic cards or packets, membership status can be digitally transferred to smartphones immediately upon purchase. Membership verification can also be printed out for wallet access.

    - Access to 24-hour Emergency Hotline: Emergency calls are answered by a live agent 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Callers are immediately connected to an attorney, ensuring that all members have access to instantaneous legal support.

    - Access to Online Content and Instructional/Educational Videos: Members are provided access to current weekly content directly applicable to concealed carry. CCW Safe publishes two free e-newsletters per week, available only to members who opt in for receipt.

The Buyer acknowledges that they are not a legally prohibited person regarding permission to carry. Misrepresentation on the part of a prohibited person carrying a concealed weapon or violating any state or federal law barring carry, will result in forfeiture of their membership with no refund of previous payments to CCW Safe.

The Protector Plan is an annual membership with coverage for one year. This is a recurring subscription membership, with yearly or monthly payment options. If the member chooses to pay via check with the mail-in form, this payment should be mailed five (5) days prior to their anniversary date. Monthly memberships require payment of monthly fees for at least one year to complete annual membership.

Civil damage coverage is not included in the Protector Plan and must be added. Additional bond coverage and coverage for an additional permit carrier outside the home may also be added during checkout/payment.


  • Force used against other family members
  • Force used against people who are in member's house with permission or by invitation, excluding servicemen, delivery, contractors, etc...
  • Any force that is not in self-defense
  • DOES NOT cover other emergency workers (see FAQs)
  • Restrictions listed in Terms of Service


Before applying for membership, individuals should ensure they have proper documentation for qualification as an active or retired military or law enforcement officer, familiarize themselves thoroughly with the regulations governing concealed carrying permits and restrictions for their state of residence, and review the CCW Safe Protector Plan restrictions detailed above.

Also, prospective member applicants are advised to evaluate this and all CCW Safe plans offered to see which works best for their needs. With availability of add-on coverage options - all reasonably priced - individuals can select a basic plan and tailor it to their circumstances with relatively minor yearly cost adjustments.

Note that CCW Safe is a legal service plan and not an insurance company. Safeguarding members' 2nd Amendment rights is a necessary reality throughout the U.S. By aligning themselves with CCW Safe, members forced to avail themselves of firearm self-defense or who unfortunately experience a critical use of force incident, receive financial support; experienced, highly qualified counsel on legal, investigative and evidentiary issues; invaluable peer support; and the reassurance of timely action by our dedicated Crisis Response Team, who respond to the location of our members to provide immediate assistance.

Digital Membership Cards- We do not send out plastic cards or packets. You can immediately save your digital membership card to your phone after purchase, or you can print out your membership card to carry in your wallet.

Access to 24- hour Emergency Hotline- Your emergency calls will be answered by a live agent 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Your call will immediately be patched through to an attorney, and you will have access to immediate legal support.

Access to Online Content and Videos- We provide our members with weekly content that is directly applicable to concealed carry. We only send out 2 newsletters a week, and you must opt in to receive our free newsletters.

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